Hi all


I'm trying to get the training provided by my company accredited with the MICT seta and have hit some problems. 


Training isn't the primary focus of our company, but we do offer IT networking course training.


I've obtained the registration documentation from MICT and the first stumbling block before getting to aligning unit standards which apparently is the difficult part, is completing the provider accreditation application form.


I've been told I can simply leave out the DOE registration number as we offer 1 and 2 day courses and wont register with the DOE. I assume this is correct? (this info came from the DOE as I assumed it was a requirement and researched registering with them)


Next page is the SAQA QUAL ID qualification titles and unit standards. Again I'm told I can leave this blank as we're not ready to complete it.


Finally the brick wall comes in with the moderators and assessors. When asking MICT about them they refer me to the list of moderators and assessors on their website, containing over 1500 people with no further info on them other than their phone number!


How do I tackle this problem and what exactly are the roles of the moderator and assessors roles? If they create large additional expenses or logistical issues to our training, it might be unfeasible to get registered in the first place.


Any advice on this on this or registration with MICT in general would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Kyle,


Our company, Siteta Web and Learning is undergoing the same process, for similar reasons.  I will update you with any answers, as we learn more.  


There are some MICT experts in the MICT SETA group, you may get more information if you post your discussion there.


I contacted the MICT representative for the W. Cape by telephone and Cikizwa was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, also inviting me to meet with them to go through my queries, if I needed. Perhaps contact the representative at the regional offices near you.  Contact details on the ISETT website.


Assessors and Moderators


Registered Assessors assess the competency of a learner on a Unit Standard following their attendance on a course or through RPL (recognition of Prior Learning).  They will find the learner "Competent" or "Not yet Competent".


The registered Moderator will go through a random set of assessments to check that the assessments are fair and compliant.  I'm not sure of the exact details of how frequently the "spot checks" are undertaken but a company providing assessor and moderator training, like PDA, where I recently undertook my Assessor training can provide you with more info.  My understanding is that a company that wishes to become a registered training provider with their SETA requires an Assessor and Moderator, but you are able outsource both functions. They must just not be the same person.  A facilitator of a course can assess their own course delegates but the Moderator must be independent of that process.


A way to look at the whole process is that a learner undergoes training to earn a unit standard (either at a registered course provider or at work). The learner can only earn an "attendance" certificate at this stage.  The delegate then needs to undergo an outcomes-based "exam" / RPL / assessment / to check that the learning is complete. The learner then earns a competency for that unit standard, so the certification essentially changes from "attendance" to "pass".  A number of complete unit standards could make up a qualification.


If you wish to find Assessors / Moderators for your IT Networking course out of that list of 1500, maybe the best way is to advertise on Skills Universe for Assessors / Moderators in the unit standards aligned to your course?


I hope this helps!

Hi Jennifer

Thank you for your informative reply. I will be following the suggestions immediately and post any progress or break through I make, on this thread for so that for the benefit of others.

At this point in time I'm liaising with companies to outsource the process or par thereof, will report back on how this goes!

Hi Kyle,


Pleasure! Good luck with the process.  I'm currently aligning our courses to Unit Standards that already exist before I start to submit my own.  It can be quite hard to find all the courses related to ones expertise - I discovered that IT Software courses on SAQA are listed as "GUI" but even then, when you word-search, the courses don't all come up.


I found some helpful lists during my search though - and the networking courses are tucked in-between mine, so I exported them and I've listed them below.  You may already have these, I just thought you'd find them useful if not.  Feel free to contact me if you need help finding more information on the unit standards


Networking - related unit standards that already exist:

14913 Explain the principles of computer networks

14929 Describe computer cabling

14931 Install networked computer application 

14932 Describe Synchronous/Asynchronous Communication with computers

14937 Apply the principles of supporting users of local area networks

14942 Demonstrate an understanding of computer network communication

14953 Install a local area network

114043 Support a local area computer network

114045 Operate an enterprise server computer system

114046 Demonstrate an understanding of issues affecting the management of a local area 
computer network(LAN)

114047 Install and configure a multi-user networked operating system

114051 Conduct a technical practitioners meeting

114052 Demonstrate appropriate customer care in the context of IT support, according to a Service Level Agreement

114053 Monitor and maintain a multi-user networked operating system

 114054 Administer a local area computer network

114056 Describe enterprise systems management and its role in IT systems support

114057 Install high-volume/High-speed computer cabling for server computer system

114058 Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of Multi-User computer Operating systems

114060 Demonstrate an understading of local area computer networks, by installing a networked 

114061 Demonstrate an understanding of Wide Area Computer Networks (WANs), comparing them with Local Area Networks(LANs)

114062 Assemble a server computer and peripherals from modules

114063 Install a server computer and peripherals

 114064 Install and commission multi-user application software for a server computer

114065 Maintain and repair a server computer to module level

114066 Test Networked IT systems against given specifications

114072 Install and commission a local area computer network

114073 Install and commission multi-user system software on a server computer

114074 Demonstrate an understanding of different computer network architectures and standards

114075 Design of a local area computer network for a departmental office environment

114183 Apply the principles of resolving problems for single-user and multi-user computer operating systems

114636 Demonstrate an understanding of prevetative maintance, enviromental and safety issues in a computer environment


All the best,




Thanks Jennifer!

I've passed them onto my trainer who is actually aligning the unit standards while I manage the rest of the accreditation process. I trust this will be of great use to him!


I help people that need assistance with compiling and submitting accreditation applications and portfolios. I am a registered assessor and moderator with MICT SETA, I can assist you.

Dear Kyle,


I have just seen your posting from last week. We have noted that the MICT SETA is pushing quite directly at only paying grants back to levy payers that have undertaken accredited training only, as noted by the 2011-2012 Workplace Skills Plan format. I assume that you are in the boat that was providing strong product and network use training for the products that you are selling or servicing? In terms of advice and guidance, although you can attain accreditation with the MICT SETA as an institution, you will obviously have to implement the accreditation requirements to be able to have learners be certified and obtain credit bearing certificates. This would ensure that client companies could then claim back their training spend with you from their SETA's.


Some key recommendations here are that although your core service is not training, I would suggest that if you have an existing trainer as you indicated, try and get him to complete an assessor, assessment design course as well as a NQF focused train-the-trainer course. Thus building on his skills, especially around the unit alignment of your existing programmes. You could contract in a moderator to assist you with the moderation work. Another key recommendation is to ensure as Jennifer mentioned that the right unit standards are selected to align the courses too. One of the key reasons here is that each unit standard has notational hours that have to be completed based upon the number of credits. The formula is 1:10, so each credit in the unit standard would mean the equivalent of so many hours of learning (including assessment, theory, practical, etc). The point is that if you select a unit standard with allot of credits for a one or two day programme, you will have to consider re-looking at how long the programme would then have to be. This is often overlooked by companies aligning existing successful product training to the NQF.


So that ability to do a robust and thorough unit standard analysis against your product training requirements would be the critical item to get right first time round, as if it is not done properly it can become a costly exercise to come back from.


Please do feel free to get hold of me with any other queries that relate to it. Otherwise good luck with your endeavour.


My best, Ashwell

Thank you for taking the type to give such an informative reply Ashwell, it is greatly appreciated!

I've decided to go the route of meeting with some people who actually do the accreditation for you. Will see how much confidence they inspire after the meeting and will most likely go this route if they can deliver a problem and headache free process and everything done and dusted for their (substantial) fee.

Will report back on the process as I go along so any brave soul who decides to do this themselves can refer back to this thread for direction. Also will recommend the person I've used... once they've proven worthy of recommendation of course: )

Kind Regards,



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