Government, business and labour made a social pact to call on CEOs and executive directors in the private sector and public sector, to agree on a freeze on increases in salaries and bonuses over the next 12 months.

The salary freeze is meant to recover investor confidence and is part of government’s response to the frustration that exists among sections of the workforce at the high income inequalities in South Africa which has lead to industrial action and social unrest.

The pay freeze was expected to start with the President and filter down through all sectors of society.

However, two days after this pact was made President spokesperson Mac Maharaj announced that “President Jacob Zuma would not be the first to freeze his salary, as he has asked companies to do with their CEOs, because due processes had to be followed in decision-making within the government”

Cabinet ministers reportedly received a 5.5% increase in July, which brings President Zuma’s package to R2.6m


What do you think about this proposal?

Can government expect senior executives to freeze their salaries when the president is unwilling to take the lead?

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Zuma does lead by example - just not on all the right issues - he took a HIV test didn't he?  :)

Sometimes  not always ,there is a lot of finger pointing and we are playing hiding game 

Proudly South Africa! -  Mediocrity became the norm & incompetence is acceptable.


I find it difficult to comprehend how the suggested “pay freeze of mine executives” was going to be a solution to the mine workers prolonged strike action. What stunt me more, was the fact that it came from higher ranking in government. To top it all, is that the suggestion was only directed at the mine sector. If this is how we are going to deal with problems in South Africa, then…

Thank you again for your contributions! – what I hear a lot of people saying is that proposals or plans for the future of our country will not be fruitful as long as the people who are implementing them are corrupt. While we may disagree on many issues there is one point on which we all agree, and that is the call for leaders we can trust. 

Absolutely - well-summarised Cindy - and I'd add people of good will to start to work together now. 

Yes Cindy!!! We are hungry for an exemplary leadership we can all be proud of...leaders who have a good vision for this country - thank you for the good debate

Let the first citizen start first.




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