Government, business and labour made a social pact to call on CEOs and executive directors in the private sector and public sector, to agree on a freeze on increases in salaries and bonuses over the next 12 months.

The salary freeze is meant to recover investor confidence and is part of government’s response to the frustration that exists among sections of the workforce at the high income inequalities in South Africa which has lead to industrial action and social unrest.

The pay freeze was expected to start with the President and filter down through all sectors of society.

However, two days after this pact was made President spokesperson Mac Maharaj announced that “President Jacob Zuma would not be the first to freeze his salary, as he has asked companies to do with their CEOs, because due processes had to be followed in decision-making within the government”

Cabinet ministers reportedly received a 5.5% increase in July, which brings President Zuma’s package to R2.6m


What do you think about this proposal?

Can government expect senior executives to freeze their salaries when the president is unwilling to take the lead?

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A lizard that falls from an iroko tree phraises itself if no one does. Imagine African leaders with 20 body guards and 8 motorcades burning 200 litres fuels for Jozi to Pretoria trip only. Country not at war but defense budget biggest and highest in how far??? The proposal was over a glass of wine not worth being taken seriously.More bigger things to be done if President is serious.Freeze petrol increases and subsidise; freeze electricity etc. Malawi lady President tried to slush her salary and sold all luxury cars --- good signal.

Ah, Marufu - thanks for that comment - a lady President - no luxury cars - I wonder if pride and big egos is part of the problem?

Now, now, Sylvia, don't get all feminist on us.  Can't have too many women presidents you know. They might start talking to each other and stop all fighting; defence budgets would go to blazes, and we men would have even less to do.

Big chuckle - you hit the nail on the head, I think - and think of all the arm deals that would fall through.

Once more thank you Guys 

Cindy ,Fantastic, you know what if you milk the non commercial cow you ALWAYS think about the life of the cattle.

What is the use to people earning so high and there is people wondering in the streets .If there are those want to leave the country let them do so ,We all need to consider slashing down our salary collectively ,We can not look for some  look at individuals 

It's another of those quick-fix solutions we are always looking for.

It's not a pay freeze we need, but improved performance all round.  And we could start with the ministers and officials responsible for the Limpopo text-book fiasco.  But unfortunately we only fire people who fail if they support the wrong side. If they are on "our" side, they stay.  Of course, in December, the "sides" might change, and we will start all over again.

Hundred percent ,FYI the area I am coming from original and where I am  going to rest in peace for past 18 years nothing ever happened .No infrastructure at all absolutely Zero ,

Has any ANC politician ever set a leadership example yet? If Zuma ever wanted to demonstrate concern to citizens and voters, he would scrap the obscene amount being spent on the Nkandla "home". Mac Maharaj refers to the "due processes of decision making in government" for a salary freeze to happen. Well, we all know how long due processes take in the government, so it won't happen. Any observer can see that the slide to a failed state is accelerating. Even Clem Sunter's latest scenario planning has now increased that probability, and SA is now clearly exhibiting the "walk apart" scenario depicted in the Dinokeng projections: corrupt, disengaged and ineffective.

Chris, I disagree with the statement that no ANC politician has ever set a leadership example: Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, the Sisulus (plural), Joe Slovo, and many more - maybe you could say "current" ANC are not living up to the leadership example?  But then that's a statement you could make about many governments today.


The fish rots from the head

I agree with the comments. Google Witness, or go to their web site (  and you will see three letters about this topic today, one of them mine.


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